The Africa Center HK


Innocent Mutanga is originally from Zimbabwe and has been a resident of HK for over 5 years. At present, Innocent is endeavoring to rebrand the image of Africans who live in Hong Kong. Ultimately, his work is going to reshape the image of the black man in Asia. We spoke about his campaign, ‘Dark Skin is not a Crime!’ and the related fashion show. The campaign was promoted through The Africa Center HK   . The African Center is, right now, bridging the gap between people and resources in Hong Kong. To watch the full interview, go to Hong Kong Stories.

The Kids Know How to Run but They Don’t Know How to Hide: A Message from Boni Fredy


To the audience, I would like to pose a question: what is the measure of true bravery in a man? If someone who has yet to finish university, moves to another country, on a totally different continent, to embark on music career, where he is a one man show, does that count?

Mr. Boni Federik Francoise was born in Ivory Coast, educated in Ghana and now lives as a student and an up and coming rapper in the city of Zhi Xue in Taiwan. We took a stroll around his campus, which gave this interview a unique look and feel. We spoke, at great length, about the differences between African and Asian cultures. To view the full interview, please go to Taipei Stories.