Our Mission

This website is an attempt to peer into the lives of people from the African diaspora, living in Asia. Black people in Asia are coming from a myriad of backgrounds. Many of us are English Teachers from the United States or the UK. Some of us are small business owners from Cameroon or Liberia. Some of us are refugees who are fleeing from some very troubled parts of the worlds. Black people in Asia present a wide array of talents, skills, educational backgrounds, economic situations and life experiences. This platform seeks to create and maintain a dialogue among the different aspects of this group. It seeks to offer education, promote forms of culture and work out solutions to the common problems that are coming up for African people living in Asia. With these many differences, as one scholar put it “I am more interested in what brings us together than what keeps us apart.” The goal of this website is to build a collective consciousness for members of the African diaspora, living throughout Asia.

The problems that I mentioned earlier are numerous and they are multiplying every day. I have been in Asia, as an English teacher, on and off, for 12 years. Black people in Asia do come from a wide variety of backgrounds. With that said, most of us here are young men who have little access to opportunity in burgeoning Asian economies. Several Asian governments purposefully allow Black men into their countries by the hundreds and even thousands. Most of the young men I have come across don’t have a proper visa to live in the countries where they live. They are denied access to jobs and encouraged to sell drugs. As you are reading this, young Black men are coming to make up the prison population of most of the cities across Asia. Most people are not aware, that the same situation that is playing out in Tokyo is playing out in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City and in Bangkok. I started this website because I intend to do something about that. Since we are all a part of the same diaspora, we have an obligation to look out for each other, whatever ways we know how, in these new foreign lands.

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