The Well

This is a brilliant initiative put forth by Mr. Innocent Mutanga. It is bringing communities together through education. They have a book club and teach leadership to young people among many other things. They are teaching the people of Hong Kong more about people from Africa and at the same time forging an identity for Africans living in Hong Kong.
Pathways for Kids is a program I learned about from Marshae Francis. She is a native New Yorker and her parents are from Jamaica, West Indies. This program takes kids from all over the world and places them at universities throughout China. Tuition in China is very inexpensive. The course of study makes students familiar with Chinese language and business culture. Upon graduation, students are guaranteed a job. For more details, please visit the link above.
Michael Omar went to Vietnam as a student in 2010. He has since graduated and works in the technical field in Hanoi. The following is a link that details the program that brought Michael to Vietnam. Through this academic program, Michael Omar was exposed to a new culture and a new career path:  is the program that awarded his certificate. This is a program that is coordinated between Japan and Vietnam and also awards certificates. There is also This program, coordinated between France and Vietnam is where Mr. Omar received his Master’s degree in ICT.
Jamasian Kiana Christi is an African-American woman from Las Vegas. She has lived in China for several years and works there as a translator. She also works as a translation escort, shadowing clients around various parts of China and doing on the spot translation. The following is a link to her services.
Translation services:
The following link is to a foundation created by Jamasian Kiana Christi. It exposes young Black scholars in America to different languages. Something which is sometimes lacking with the curriculum in America.
Language non-profit: Multilingual Black American Foundation