Your Stories

Your Stories is exactly what the name says. In this section, readers can find interviewers conducted with Black people who are living in various parts of Asia. With a blog site like Black Asia Magazine, the first question that must be addressed is, ′Who are the black people who are living in Asia?′ This section gives multiple and detailed answers to that very question. It is an attempt to put a face on the various Black communities in different parts of Asia. It does that by simply talking to people.

These interviews offer first hand accounts of Black people living in Asia, their experiences and their impressions of the cultures and societies in which they live. Some of these stories are positive, some draw out intense emotion and some are meant to inform and provoke discussion. More than just presenting stories, this section, more than the others, proposes to start a group conversation over many of the issues that Black communities are facing on this part of the world. These issues can range from social acceptance to building wealth to legal and political problems. All of these stories are interesting and they are all authentic.